Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Controlled Ranting -- A GREAT Form of Therapy

In lieu of smashing my fist through a wall (okay, I'm really not that violent, but I bet it kept your reading further!) I decided to vent to the online world. Excited yet?

As a professional freelance writer, I find myself struggling occasionally on slow weeks. Being a contracted or freelance employee, I'm not always guaranteed a set wage every month. This is to be expected, and is not the source of my frustration; rather, trying to make a decent living when so many clients refuse to pay AT LEAST minimum wage. What's more, writers who claim to charge only one cent a word and believe that's decent believe my rates are too high. I just wonder, who can live on a salary of one cent a word without killing themselves trying to make ends meet? Perhaps some feedback from the writing community could help sort out this issue for me.

I know from experience my rates are not at all extravagant, and I've never had a client who expressed disappointment towards my work in the least. I suppose there will always be those people who refuse to pay writers what they are worth, but in the end they really do get what they pay for. Really.


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