Sunday, August 13, 2006

How Do You Charge Clients?

How do you, as a freelancer, charge your clients? Do you base your fee on a per-word basis (for writers, obviously) or by the hour? How about per project, depending on the time it takes and the depth of research involved?

I definitely enjoy freelancing because of the freedom it allows to name my own price for each project, based on several important factors I always take into account. These include research time, an estimation of the length of the project and a few others.

Along the same lines, do you ask clients for a certain amount of the project fee up front? Typically, I work under a 50/50 rule -- 50% payment up front, and the remaining 50% paid upon completetion. This is to protect both the client and I in the event either of us were to flake out on the other. How do you usually operate?

Leave your thoughts or drop me a line! :)

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