Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Helpful Freelance Links

I come across great new blogs, websites and resources every day pertaining to the freelance writing world. I swear, I need to compile a list to remember all of them sometimes! Anyway, here are a few links I found useful. Hope you can enjoy them, as well!

Cobwebs Of The Mind The posts are long and informative, but they're also interesting -- meaning you won't scroll through pages and pages of text searching for relevant information.

Freelance Writing A veritable wealth of information regarding freelance writing tips, jobs, books and a wealth of other resources. It's a great source for all of your freelance needs.

Freelance Writing Organization Intl. This website offers a variety of market listings, articles, writing resources, funds for writers and tons more to get you started on your career, or to advance your existing one.

These are just a few of the great links I've stumbled across throughout my career, and I hope they'll help you out as much as they helped me. Feel free to leave your thoughts or comments, or share a link or two with me.


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