Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Do You Write Articles That Bore You?

Oftentimes, I realize I'm stuck with a batch of articles I know nothing about. Even worse, I find out the subject matter is something I really don't care about, making the entire ordeal seem more frustrating than it needs to be. However, bills are bills and they don't magically disappear because we wish it so!

My question to fellow writers out there: How often have you had to write a series of articles that you really dreaded, either because the subject was boring or you just didn't know a thing about it? Furthermore, do you feel that writers need to be experts in various fields in order to crank out high quality articles on the topic?

Personally, unless the articles are quite technical in nature or written for a very specialized topic, I feel that good researchers can develop a quality article with little to no previous knowledge on the subject. Speaking from experience, even though I knew next to nothing about a specific topic I did a series of articles on (and found it quite tedious and boring, to say the least,) I was still able to come out on top with the client being highly impressed by my work. And this was for something I dreaded doing!

Please leave your thoughts, if you've any to give.




At 12:00 AM, Blogger Keith said...

Wish I could write Articles...

Than be my Problem...

Nice to know ya... :)

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Jet Girl said...

I work in marketing for an architectural firm. I do a large volume of business writing for my job, with no previous experience or knowledge of architecture. The architects are always happy with my work, and I think that I am successful because I know what questions to ask. I put a lot of thought into what I want the result to be, and then it's just a matter of filling in the blanks with the data. It's ridiculously borning, but it's a living. ;)


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